AllState Cited As Nation’s Worst Insurance Company

For years now they’ve marketed their brand as the “good hands people” yet the American Association of Justice has ranked them the country’s worst insurance company for the manner in which they handle claims. The Association has labeled Allstate’s tactics as deny, delay, and defend when it comes to how Allstate makes huge profits on the backs of policy holders and the general public. The ranking is based in part by the book From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves which uncovered Allstate’s relationship with the influential consulting group McKinsey & Co. According to the book, McKinsey showed Allstate officials how to deny claims including Katrina victims. The reprehensible practices have lined the pockets of the insurance company for years while leaving honest, hard-working policy holders with burdens they presumed they were insured against.
One of the largest examples of corporate greed and public malfeasance is Allstate. For them, it’s all about profits over people. They surely aren’t the Good Hands People.