Another Abuse Case

“Defendant first started giving Victim what he viewed as a ‘regular’ back rub so he could fall asleep easier. However, the defendant then started touching his stomach, thighs, legs, and eventually worked up to the point of” [SEX ASSAULT].
“Defendant would then take Victim out places like Taco Bell which made Victim feel good as he did not have a dad. . .It should be noted that the Catholic Church has done nothing to assist this department in this investigation.”
These are the damning words written by a probation officer and the arresting officer of a priest who’s been accused of sexually abusing young boys in California. How many times have we heard similar stories from victims about the grooming process whereby a priest would entice a young, unsuspecting victim before sexually molesting him? How many times have we heard about the lack of cooperation of the Catholic Church or other institutions that have covered up abuse or denied it altogether?