Arbishop Chaput on a Crusade to Protect the Church not the Victims of Sexual Abuse

Archbishop Chaput, head of the Archdiocese of Denver, has mounted an all-out assault on sexual abuse victims and their quest for justice. The Colorado legislature will hear Senate bill 143 on Monday that proposes lifting the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases. The bill, if passed and signed into law, would open a two year window that would revive ole sex abuse cases involving non-profits and churches that otherwise would be protected by the statute. Chaput argues that the legislation unfairly targets the Catholic Church. According to Chaput, “I want to protect the church from an unjust law, and I’m concerned that this legislation is aimed at the Catholic Church. We want to be treated like everyone else.” Chaput continues his non-sequitur harangue when he says that he believes the church is being singled out “to silence and punish her” for the church’s stance on abortion, traditional marriage and other values issues.
What about the value of protecting innocent children? What about the value of justice for victims who’ve had their innocence taken from them by Catholic priests?

Chaput never mentions the pain and horror inflicted upon victims of this abuse. He never mentions that his brother bishops hid, transferred, and continue to make excuses for not stopping the abuse. The real injustice is to be found in the leadership of the Catholic Church who seem to be men hell bent on protecting the institution rather than the people.