Auto Accident in Pinellas County and Standard Time

While we all probably looked forward to getting an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, there are some downsides to reverting from daylight savings time to standard time. For one thing, it gets darker in Florida about one hour earlier than we may be accustomed. This can prove hazardous for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers alike. The early dusk can complicate driving, make it harder to spot others on the roadways, and lead to an increase in traffic accidents. This, coupled with the impending holiday season, can make for a distracted driver. Auto accidents tend to climb during this period so we need to take extra precautions when driving. Here are a few tips to avoid that costly and painful auto accident: 1)don’t drive if you’re too tired, 2)don’t drive if you’ve been drinking alcohol or taking any type of prescription narcotics, 3)allow for more time to reach your destination.
Auto accidents in Pinellas County occur at a rate of 38 per day. There are over 300 auto accident fatalities each year in Pinellas and Hillsborough County alone. Let’s be careful out there!