Bed Bugs

Over the past year, I’ve received a number of complaints about bed bugs. Those who’ve contacted me have been bitten by bed bugs while staying in hotels and motels around the country. Bed bugs are also known as “red coats”, “chinches”, and “mahogany flats”. While bed bugs are suspected of carrying leprosy, oriental sore, Q-fever, and brucellosis, they haven’t, to the best of my knowlege, transmitted these diseases to humans.
Bed bugs usually feed at night and are known to inhabit bedding, cracks in walls or wallpaper, and carpeting. Bed bugs are small, oval, wingless insects. Small blood spotting is usually an indicator that an area has a bed bug problem.
While the bed bug bite is painless, the severe itching can lead to infection if scratched. The signs of a bed bug bite can include small, white welts on the surface of the skin or reddish, irritated skin.
Bed bug occurrence in hotels and motels can often be caused by dirty mattresses, dirty bedding, and a generally unsanitary environment. They can also be transported in clothing and bedding materials.