Big Pharma Criticizes FDA’s Increased Drug Safety Measures

Certainly it comes as no surprise to industry watchers that large pharmaceutical companies have been highly critical of FDA efforts to increase their monitoring and safety procedures concerning new drugs coming on to the market. The pharmaceutical companies have a singular mission in mind and that is increase their bottom line and profit margins for stock holders. On the other hand, the FDA is charged with protecting the consumer from bad drugs whose harm can potentially ruin lives. What is a bit surprising to this observer is the shameless manner that the drug companies are attacking the FDA efforts. They’re coming right out and saying the FDA is costing them more money (while they are raking in millions of dollars a year from their drugs) and delaying drugs from entering the marketplace.
With all the problems surrounding bad drugs such as Vioxx, Zyprexa, Zetia, Vytorin, just to name a few, I hope the FDA continues to fight off the big monied lobbying campaigns of the drug companies and protect consumers.