Bishop Nevins Earned a Reputation

As a former priest and Auxiliary Bishop of Miami, Bishop John Nevins of Venice knows where most of the clerical skeletons are buried in South Florida. Nevins, a NY native, has gained an ignominious reputation for accepting priests accused of child rape and child sexual abuse. After returning from the Dallas bishops’ meeting in 2002, Nevins vowed to lead the way in bringing healing to the church. Yet, in the midst of all the talk of sweetness and light he neglected to mention that some 15 years earlier he had accepted for service in his diocese a priest credibly accused of abusing a 15 year old boy in Louisville Kentucky. Of course, the infamous case of Fr. Ed McLoughlin who was finally removed from ministry after Nevins ignored victims’ cries for help, can’t be left unmentioned. Nevins was part of the same Archdiocese of Miami that allowed the Rev. Rocco D’Angelo to move from Miami to St. Petersburg without a word of warning to the authorities in St. Petersburg. D’Angelo had had a long career of molestation and Miami so when Miami church officials had had enough they sent him packing with high recommendations for priestly service. When he arrived in St. Petersburg, he continued his reign of terror and molested more young boys. As an Auxiliary Bishop in Miami, Nevins was taught the subtle nuances necessary in covering up for abusive priests and transferring them to new dioceses. No wonder the Diocese of Venice is known as a “priestly dumping ground”.