Blackmailing Brooklyn Bishop Won’t Back Down

Until now, not too many folks would compare the popular TV gangster Tony Soprano with Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. After what happened at his Clinton NY residence last October, perhaps a few NY state legislators will make a connection between the two.
According to the legislators in attendance at the Bishop’s residence last fall, DiMarzio brought up the subject of Rep. Margaret Markey’s bill the Child Victim’s Act. According to the legislators, DiMarzio became so incensed he threatened to close local parishes in the legislative districts of those supporting the bill. According to one anonymous legislator, DiMarzio ranted, “He said, ‘If it passes, we will close a parish in each of your districts and we will tell your constituents that it was your fault,’ ”
Under normal circumstances, legislators don’t take kindly to threats of blackmail. However, this is the Catholic Church in New York, a powerful institution with deep pockets and long institutional tentacles that can influence, cajole, even threaten the highest ranking officials.
DiMarzio’s feeling the heat and will stop at nothing to defeat the Child Victim’s Act, even if it means blackmailing and threatening state legislators. It’s amazing to me that the bishop only spoke to the legislators about the money his diocese would stand to lose in lawsuits if the bill passes and becomes law. There no mention of any concern for the thousand of kids molested and ruined by sexually abusive priests and nuns. It’s all about the money and protecting the institution.
When DiMarzio’s in public he knows the bon mot and speaks about his concern for victims. In private, he’s the don of an institution that doesn’t give a wit about children. It’s all about the money.