Boston Scientific Agrees to Settle Guidant Claims for $195 million

Two weeks prior to the first federal trial, Boston Scientific Corporation has announced a $195 million settlement with approximately 4,000 claimants regarding its faulty Guidant heart defibrillator, the Ventak Prizm 2 Model 1861. Our firm represents a number of clients who will participate in the settlement. Guidant came under scrutiny after it failed to disclose a problem with faulty insulation in its most popular heart defibrillator. Making matters worse, it did not disclose the problem for nearly three years. At least seven patients have died as a result of the flawed defibrillator. The NY Times published an article revealing the flaw in the heart device. However, Guidant failed to fix the issue. Rather, they shipped thousands of older potentially flawed units exposing more patients to risk, according to an article published today in the NY Times. Boston Scientific has been under increasing pressure to settle the claims since Judge Donovan W. Frank ruled that Guidant could be liable for punitive damages as a result of its behavior.