Boy Scout Abuse Trial Ends in $1.4 Million Verdict for Survivor

A Portland jury ruled in favor of a former boy scout who was sexually abused by assistant Scout Master Timur Dykes in the 1980’s. Dykes, who had admitted to molesting 17 other Boy Scouts to a Mormon Bishop, was convicted and served time in prison for sexual abuse of scouts. The trial marked the second time that a jury has actually seen the so-called Boy Scout “perversion files” which were the Boy Scout secret files kept by the organization. The perversion files documented sexual abuse accusations and other inappropriate acts by Boy Scout leaders. In addition to the $1.4 million verdict for negligence, the Boy Scouts will face additional civil penalties for punitive damages. The Boy Scouts could face up to $25 million in punitive damages.
The Boy Scouts had fought to keep the “perversion files” confidential and away from potential jurors but in February an Oregon court ruled that the documents could be made public. The perversion files contain 1,000 pages of documents kept by the Boy Scouts on alleged pedophiles from 1965 until 1984.