BP and the Gulf Oil Spill

While information about oil giant British Petroleum’s oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and its safety compliance measures are coming to us in drips and drops, the oil continues to gush into the fragile Gulf waters. The economic and environmental damage to the Gulf region will be potentially devastating. BP’s willingness to tell the public exactly what happened and why remains in dispute. Senators Barbara Boxer and Bill Nelson have asked BP to provide all available video footage they have concerning the oil gushing into the Gulf. BP has been reluctant to do so and has only provided partial information.
While our economy and eco-system remain at great peril due to the oil spill, BP continues to play coy games about what’s actually occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The federal government needs to hold them accountable for their actions and/or their lack of action. If the government fails to act, we all need to step up and demand accountability and action.