BP Oil Spill

As news of the BP oil spill continues to worsen and the oil company’s efforts to stem the tide of the gushing oil prove fruitless, the federal government is stepping up its efforts to cap the leaking oil in the gulf. Meanwhile, environmental groups such as our own Tampa Bay Watch are preparing for the worst with their own clean-up programs. Tampa Bay Watch is training volunteers to protect Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve from the threat of the oil spill. According to the latest Tampa Bay Watch release, the oil spill may reach our shores in a few weeks and will most likely come ashore in the form of tar balls or putty consistency. The hazardous material will stick to everything including wildlife and birds.
Initial estimates of the oil spill leak were woefully underestimated. Now, it’s thought that roughly 200,000 gallons of BP oil are gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Since previous attempts at capping the leak have failed, the environmental and economic dangers continue to increase with each passing day.