BP Oil Spill Expected to Hit Florida Panhandle Today

As the BP oil spill moves toward the Florida Panhandle, BP’s latest attempt at stemming the tide of the gushing oil has been put on hold as a saw became stuck in a pipe. Crews are trying to figure out if they can move the pipe in order to free the saw or if they need to bring another saw to loosen the stuck saw. Crews are trying to cut the riser pipe in order to cap the pipe and place a dome over it.
Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen noted that “the cleaner the cut, the tighter the seal we can make.” Allen also mentioned that there is no sign that the oil spill has reached the Florida Panhandle yet.
Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference in New Orleans after meeting with the area’s state attorneys general. Holder announced that the federal government will launch a criminal probe into what he called “a wide range of possible violations.” Holder’s announcement came hours after President Obama made similar remarks following a meeting with former EPA Administrator William Reilly and former US Senator Bob Graham.