Brooklyn Bishop May Face IRS Scrutiny for Threatening Comments

When Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio went off on a tirade about the pending Child Victim Act legislation in the state of New York, he didn’t stop to think his threats may draw scrutiny from the IRS over the church’s tax exempt status.
Margaret Markey, sponsor of the Child Victim Act, has called into question the bishop’s actions after he threatened NY state lawmakers with the closure of Catholic churches in their districts if the legislators support the child abuse prevention bill.
Markey stated, “He’s on the borderline of jeopardizing his not-for-profit status” by openly politicking, she said. “If I were the bishop, I would walk very cautiously.”
The Bishop’s responded through a priest saying she’s lying.
Lying about what? DiMarzio admitted he made the threats and has been active in efforts to kill the bill. So, what is Rep. Markey lying about?