Bush Continues to Push Pre-Emption in Product Safety Cases

In the midst of a floundering economy, a mounting credit crisis, and two wars, George Bush is actively engaged in absolving large corporations from their duty to provide the consumer with safe products. In his last few months in office, the Bush administration is pushing hard to make it impossible for ordinary citizens who are injured by defective products to hold the makers of these products accountable for their actions.
The Wall St. Journal reports, “The administration has written language aimed at pre-empting product-liability litigation into 50 rules governing everything from motorcycle brakes to pain medicine. The latest changes cap a multiyear effort that could be one of the administration’s lasting legacies, depending in part on how the underlying principle of pre-emption fares in a case the Supreme Court will hear next month.”
It’s unbelievable that in the midst of a national economic crisis Bush focuses his attention on those who need his assistance the least. In the final analysis, this isn’t good for the economy or consumer safety. It only helps Bush’s well-heeled friends who’ll get richer as ordinary folks suffer. That’s not leadership.