Catholic Church Abuse Lawsuit in Indiana

I’m about to start a press conference in downtown Chicago about the filing of another priest abuse lawsuit against Fr. Richard Emerson and Bishop Melczek of the Diocese of Gary. I’ve sued both of them before (twice) in Florida. Those cases are still pending. This new case involves recent abuse by Fr. Emerson dating to 2003-04 when the perp priest was stationed at St. Thomas More in Munster, Indiana. We now know that Bishop Melczek knew about Fr. Emerson’s issues with children back in 1992. He told then Cardinal Ratzinger that he (Melczek) had known about inappropriate behavior with children since Melczek cam to Gary in 1992. Furthermore, we have a letter from the former Bishop of Orlando to the Bishop of Gary in which the Orlando Bishop told the Bishop of Gary that Emerson must return to Orlando because of Emerson’s inappropriate attention to young boys.