Chinese Drywall Class Action Lawsuit Against Knauf

Chinese Drywall class action lawsuit is moving forward against one defendant, Knauf, who imported the contaminated drywall. The Chinese company has agreed to accept service in the US but under certain conditions. While this is good news, there are certain time constraints that have been imposed upon those who want to participate in this class action lawsuit.
IF Chinese drywall was installed in your home, and that drywall was manufactured by Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin (KPT), and if you want to sue KPT, you must do so as part of one giant complaint (an Omnibus complaint) in order for KPT to accept service of process.
While you could still sue KPT without being a part of the omnibus complaint, there would be two disadvantages to you in doing so. 1) KPT has stated that it would not voluntarily accept service of process, and therefore, you would have to personally serve it with the complaint, at a cost of $15,000.00; and 2) We believe that more money will be available for settlements in the Omnibus complaint against KPT than will be available in any complaint filed thereafter.
Under this Court Order, if you want to be a part of the Omnibus complaint, we would have until December 2, 2009 to submit proof that KPT was the manufacturer of the drywall in your home to the lead Plaintiffs attorney and until December 14, 2009 to submit a Plaintiff profile form to that attorney on your behalf. That does not give us much time.
So, if you suspect you’re a victim of the Chinese drywall, you must act now if you want to preserve your rights to bring suit in this class action lawsuit.