Chinese Drywall Detection in Your Home

Chinese drywall has been conspicuous in the news for the past year. It has affected thousands of homes constructed during the housing boom earlier this decade. So, if you’re a homeowner and your home was build during that time, how do you know if you have Chinese drywall. There are some signs of the drywall that may give you an indication that the contaminated drywall is present in your home. Check your electrical fixtures. Are they corroded? Do they appear black? Is there a rotten egg smell in parts of your home? These may indicate the presence of Chinese drywall. You may also want to check with your building contractor to see if the contractor is able to tell you what type of drywall was used in constructing your home. A building inspector may also be helpful in determining the presence of Chinese drywall. If you have the drywall and your home has been affected, you should contact a Chinese drywall lawyer immediately to learn about your legal options.