Chinese Drywall on President’s China Trip Agenda

Chinese drywall is on the presidential agenda, according to Florida US Senator Bill Nelson. While it’s not expected that President Obama will broach the subject with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao. However, Nelson believes there will be discussion of the Chinese drywall debacle on a staff level during the President’s trip to China next week.
Senator Nelson believes the Chinese government should take responsibility for the Chinese drywall problems that have affected thousands of US homes. Nelson made the remarks at a Chinese drywall symposium held in Tampa last week.
Nelson has been advocating on behalf of those affected by Chinese drywall since late last year and even brought up the subject in talks with Chinese officials earlier this year. According to Nelson, the Chinese response was cool. However, officials from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have also met more recently with Chinese officials and expressed optimism that China would take the problem seriously.