Chinese Drywall Problem May Include American Drywall

The Chinese drywall debacle may not be limited to drywall manufactured and imported from China, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to CPSC officials, some homeowners are complaining of a rotten-egg, sulfurous smell that’s corroding electrical wiring in their homes just like the Chinese drywall. But this time the drywall comes from American manufacturers like National Gypsum and Georgia-Pacific Corporation.
The majority of the problem still stems from drywall that’s been imported from China. Of the 2,100 reported complaints, only 25 complaints confirmed that the suspect drywall was manufactured in the United States. However, this could be the tip of the iceberg for complaints arising from US made drywall. As homeowners rush to have their homes inspected for the Chinese drywall, some may find that the contaminated drywall was made and distributed in the US.