Class Action Certified in Local Raytheon Lawsuit

Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida certified a class action lawsuit against Raytheon Co. on behalf of the Azalea neighborhood residents of St. Petersburg, Florida. The class action lawsuit after a toxic plume of chemical was discovered in the neighborhood groundwater. The toxic plume resulted in a devaluation of property in the Azalea neighborhood.
An expert hired by our team of lawyers found that the toxic plume 1 mile long by 1.7 miles wide. The Rice University expert, Dr. Philip Bedient, has concluded that “The results from 2008 clearly show that the plume is continuing to expand and it is clearly not being controlled. …in other words, the experimental remediation schemes have been a dismal failure to date at this site.”
Some experts estimate that it will take 25 years to clean up the toxic plume. In the meantime, Azalea residents have continued to experience plummeting property values as a result of the toxic plume affecting their neighborhood. The toxic plume was only discovered last year after a News Channel 8 investigation uncovered the issue.