DePuy Hip Replacement Implant Story

In November 2005, Lance Corporal Cody Perkins was serving his country as a Marine stationed in Iraq when he and his fellow Marines hit a roadside bomb. The explosion threw Perkins out of his Humvee. Perkins broke his femur and was sent stateside to have surgery to implant screws to hold the femur together. According to Bloomberg Businessweek which chronicled Perkins’ plight as part of its spotlight on problems with the DePuy hip implant, Perkins needed further surgery and a surgeon recommended a metal-on-metal prosthetic hip. According to the surgeon, Dr. Keith Holley, the metal-on-metal would allow the young Marine to resume an active lifestyle in the Marine Corps.
What happened after the DePuy hip implant surgery is a nightmare all too familiar to patients who’ve had the DePuy ASR XL hip implant. Perkins suffered pain, difficulty walking, and trouble sleeping at night. For Perkins, the pain is constant. When Perkins consulted another doctor about his pain, he was told that the failed DePuy ASR XL would have to be removed and a new hip implanted in its place. The revision surgery would be complicated, difficult, and promised no improvement in mobility.
Because of the failed hip, Lance Corporal Perkins, a decorated veteran who has received two Purple Hearts, will most likely have to leave his beloved Marine Corps prematurely. “I wanted to retire out of the Marine Corps,” says Perkins, who has earned two Purple Hearts. “But there’s no way that can happen … not a chance.”
While the Bloomberg article highlighted the tragic story of one individual affected by the DePuy ASR XL debacle, there are thousands more who have suffered similarly. To make matters worse, DePuy, a subisidiary of Johnson & Johnson, knew about the DePuy failures and continued to market it anyway.
Lance Cpl. Perkins and all the other people who’ve suffered as a result of the DePuy hips deserve better than this.