Dietary Supplement Recall

Another dietary supplement has been recalled after an FDA analysis of the product found it had Sulfoaildenafil, an FDA-approved substance to treat male erectile dysfunction. Atlas Operations Inc. has announced it is recalling the following lot numbers of its product: 494, 520C, 520B, 520A, 520, 521, 705, 706, 779, and 807. The product is sold under the following names: Rock Hard T12-705-09, R52-705-09, 72 hrs B54-708-09, Stamin It R2-705-08, Finally On Demand R26-706-09, R27-706-09, Sexual Surge H49-705-09, Staminil T25,705-09, Virect T29-705-09.
As with other recalled dietary supplements, the active ingredient which prompted the recall was not listed on the product label. Dietary supplements have come under increased federal scrutiny due to misinformation or lack of information on the product label. Such dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA prior to market approval. The FDA will investigate these products if there are complaints or other issues raised after the supplements have reached the marketplace.