Dietary Supplements and Your Health

Dietary supplements was the focus of a lengthy article in the Wall St. Journal a few weeks ago. The report was highly informative and offered the consumer ways in which dietary supplements could be checked. After reading the article, I came to the conclusion that it would take hours of research to determine that a dietary supplement was safe. Actually, the article said that after doing the proper research, one could be reasonably certain a substance was safe.
This is disturbing since most of us conclude that products sold in health food stores such as GNC are safe and healthy for consumption. Even if we read the product’s label we can’t be certain that the product is safe since we don’t always know how natural ingredients react in combination with other natural ingredients. The labeling may not even be accurate.
If you think I’m exaggerating ask Philadelphia Phillies pitcher JC Romero who was suspended late last year for using banned substances. Romero swears he was suspended after consuming dietary supplements purchased at a New Jersey GNC store.
The problem with dietary supplements and so-called natural products such as kava kava concerns the fact that these so-called natural products aren’t regulated in the same fashion as prescription drugs.
In the last nine months, the FDA has issued more than 70 warnings concerning the potentially dangerous side effects of natural products including dietary supplements and weight loss products. It’s a growing problem with no solution being offered at the present time.