Diocese of Bridgeport Releases Abuse Documents

The Diocese of Bridgeport has complied with a court order demanding the release of church documents detailing the sexual abuse by priests. The court order came after years of legal wrangling between the Diocese and survivors of sexual abuse who fought to make the secret documents public.
The church documents reveal years of church officials transferring abusive priests from one parish to another as well as the mindset of Bridgeport bishops, particularly retired Cardinal Edward Egan. Egan, bishop of Bridgeport from 1988 to 2000, was deposed as part of 23 lawsuits against the Diocese of Bridgeport. As the Bishop of Bridgeport, Egan has been criticized for failing to act when confronted with allegations of priest abuse. At times, he has staunchly defended the innocence of the priests accused.
As the documents were released earlier this week, the Diocese of Bridgeport officials claimed that it was “old news” and that past mistakes have been corrected.