Diprivan the Culprit in Michael Jackson’s Death?

Diprivan, a sedative normally reserved for hospital settings where anesthesia is administered,may very well be the culprit in pop sensation Michael Jackson’s sudden death. Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who served as the king of pop’s nutrionist, told ABC News, that Jackson begged her for the drug due to severe insomnia. According to Lee, she begged him not to take the drug.
Diprivan whose generic name is Propofol, is administered to start or maintain anesthesia for surgery. The drug is not used in normal circumstances outside of a surgical or hospital setting since it require constant monitoring. Induction of anesthesia with Diprivan is frequently associated with apnea or cessation of breathing. Patients should be continuously monitored for early signs of apnea, low blood pressure, airway obstruction, and oxygen desaturation – cardiorespiratory effects more likely to follow rapid bolus administration. Because Diprivan is rapidly acting with a steep dose response curve, the drug is hugely dangerous in the absence of continuous monitoring.
The dangers increase if the patient is using any type of narcotic.
While we won’t know for certain the exact cause of Michael Jackson’s death for weeks, one thing is certain according to his nutritionist-he was pleading for the drug prior to his death.