Doc Didn’t Tell Med School Employer about Medtronic Financial Ties

According to Washington University officials, Dr. Timothy Kuklo didn’t tell them about Kuklo’s financial ties to Medtronic even though Kuklo was performing research that would benefit Medtronic.
Dr. Kuklo has come under intense scrutiny for medical research conducted at Washington University in St. Louis. The Army has since discredited the study stating that Kuklo falsified information in the study and forged other doctors’ signatures. The study published in a British medical journal has since been retracted.
The latest Kuklo revelations surfaced during a Senate investigation of Kuklo and his failure to disclose his financial relationship with medical device maker Medtronic.
The NY Times quotes a Washington University official, ““Dr. Kuklo’s relationships to Medtronic and the adequacy of his related disclosures to the University are also of great concern to us,” the medical school’s dean, Dr. Larry J. Shapiro, wrote in a letter to Senator Grassley that the senator’s office released Tuesday along with other documents from the university’s investigation.