Dr. Reardon Abuse Trial Begins Today

The first of 93 civil sex abuse lawsuits begins today against St. Francis Hospital in Hartford Connecticut. The abuse lawsuits stem from Dr. George Reardon’s sexual abuse of hundreds of minor boys for decades as Reardon served as chief endocrinologist at St. Francis Hospital. The majority of the abuse occurred during a sham growth study Reardon used to lure the boys into his predatory abuse.
Reardon worked at the hospital from 1963 until he was forced to leave in 1993 after a brother and sister tracked him down at the hospital. They complained to the Department of Health that Reardon had abused the two of them while a medical student in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.
One of the first witnesses expected to testify at trial is a police captain who found pornographic images and movies of the young boys who were supposed to be part of the growth study.
According to the Hartford Courant, “When Reardon saw children in his examining room, he was separated by two, locked metal doors from waiting parents in his office reception area, according to pretrial evidence presented in the case. John Doe 2 said in a deposition that Reardon sometimes wore a pistol in a shoulder holster beneath his lab coat during so-called examinations.”