FDA Will Test All Heparin Imports

As a result of finding contaminants in 20 of the 28 lots of heparin in a Chinese factory, the FDA will now inspect all heparing entering the United States. The contaminant remain unknown but it mimics the actual heparin and is known to have been linked to 19 deaths in the US as well as 80 allergic reactions in Germany. While this is a positive step in the right direction, the question must be asked, why does it take a crisis for the FDA to take proper steps and precautions to ensure the public safety? We all know the FDA is understaffed and underfunded but when it comes to public safety, the federal government shouldn’t tolerate such a breach in safety. When the nation’s drug supply or food supply is exposed to danger the federal government should have practices and procedures to make sure the public is kept safe from the threat. That’s just common sense.
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