Florida I-4 Interstate Pile Up Crash Report Ignores Smoke.

The crash accident report for the January 9, 2008 chain auto truck pile up was released by the Florida Highway Patrol this week and does not mention the smoke from the fire that Florida state employees let get out of control. The chain reaction collision on the Florida interstate between Lakeland and Tampa caused 5 deaths and 38 injuries. The cause of the chain pile up was a combination of smoke and fog that reduced visibility to zero. However, the newly released 120 page crash report does not even mention to role of the careless and negligent state employees that let a fire get out of control. Perhaps we need an independant investigation. Here we have the state employees of the highway patrol investigating other state employees of the Department of Forestry. However,some comments from Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Coggins are encouraging in that there may be some follow up investigation on the role that the smoke played in this horrific crash.