Fr. Gerard Healy an Irish Priest Abuser

Fr. Gerard Healy landed at Christ the King Catholic Church in 1970 as if he had parachuted in from nowhere. He belonged to the religious order known in this country as the Holy Ghost Fathers. He was at Christ the King for less than a year. Yet, his presence impacted at least one young life. While at Christ the King, the Irish priest molested an impressionable 9 year old girl, on the very day of her older sister’s wedding day no less. Now an adult, the woman has come forward to seek justice and name her molester. As she comes forward, one of her chief concerns remains a lingering guilt that if she had been able to come forward earlier, perhaps other children would not have suffered the abuse she endured.
Like Fr. Healy, another Irish priest came to this country and pillaged our youth. Fr. Oliver O’Grady, a Limerick priest who emigrated from Ireland to the United States admitted to abusing at least 25 children during his time in California.
This is the problem with foreign priests who “drop in” for a time and work in our parishes. Often, very little is known about them and yet they are given access to the minds and hearts of our children. Father Healy is an example of this. He was in the Diocese of St. Augustine for less than a year, yet during that year he sexually molested at least one child. Healy’s criminal behavior forever altered the life of at least one Floridian girl. We need to check the backgrounds of these strangers and make sure they are not preying on our children.