Gotham’s Cowardly Lion

In my blog post yesterday, I set forth some reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea for the nation’s Catholic bishops to attack SNAP. While I didn’t expect them to take my advice, I was surprised to learn of Cardinal Dolan’s latest blog post. The post is entitled “Catholic League Reports on SNAP Deposition”. Is the Cardinal now a cub reporter for a fledgling paper soon to rival the NY Times? Actually, that wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the truth.
The reality is that Cardinal Dolan wants to appear objective and merely report what the Catholic League is writing about SNAP. Dolan wants to appear as a third-party while behind the scenes pushing his pal Bill Donohue to center stage for the world to witness his vitriol. At least Donohue has the courage of his convictions even though they are hateful and inaccurate. Dolan doesn’t even make a comment in his blog post about the Catholic League article. Instead he re-prints a lengthy section of it with links to the entire article at the end. It’s important to note that in the linked article Donohue calls David Clohessy, a friend of mine and a man of integrity, a con man. He offers no proof of course, he just makes a personal attack. I’m not Catholic but I always thought that kind of behavior was considered sinful by Donohue’s church.
Making matters worse, this is the article Cardinal Dolan wants everyone to read. He wants to spread this attack on David Clohessy by highlighting it on his own blog. Of course, he doesn’t get his hands dirty by repeating the attack.(Remind you of any Biblical figure?) Pilate, err, Dolan maintains the plausible deniability of a coward. He doesn’t actually write it, he rather points in the direction of the one slinging the mud, encouraging others to read along. This is the President of the nation’s Conference of Bishops. He’s the one leading the crusade on moral issues. You can decide for yourselves what that makes him.