Heparin Recall Rotexmedica And Baxter International

German Heparin Manufacturer Rotexmedica recalled heparin after allergic reactions were reported in Germany. Apparently, the ingredients from the German heparin came from Chinese plants. Baxter International in the U.S.A. also recalled heparin because of possibly contaminated or counterfeit ingredients from China. Currently, both U.S. and German authorities are investigating what might be counterfeit ingredients in heparin from China. Rotexmedica exports most of its heparin outside of Germany. Heparin is an injectable blood thinner. It is frequently used in kidney dialysis and open heart surgery. It can also be used to treat blood clots. Persons sickened or killed by counterfeit or contaminated heparin made by Baxter International may have legal claims in the U.S. It is unclear what rights Europeans may have against the German Manufacturer.