Jesuit Donald McGuire Charged with Molesting Boys

Jesuit priest Donald McGuire has been charged with a new federal complaint of molesting boys. McGuire was transferred from state custody to federal custody where he remains in Chicago. According to the 24 page federal affidavit, McGuire continued to function as a Jesuit priest and molest boys during a time period when the Jesuits had placed numerous restriction on him. However, McGuire ignored the restrictions and continued to travel with the boys and molest them.
In response to the new federal charge, the Chicago Province of the Jesuits issued a statement that they had cooperated extensively with the federal government. This seems hardly the case since they never released their own internal documents (until forced to do so) that revealed sexual abuse of minors dating back to 1969. How many young children could have been spared if the Jesuits had actually cooperated with the feds back in the 1960’s when they first knew that McGuire was harming children?