Johnson & Johnson Failed to Act on Tylenol Contamination

In 1982, Johnson & Johnson was hailed for its efforts to deal with a catastrophic event-the lacing of its product with cyanide. Years later, the company has been hailed for its proactive approach in dealing with a cataclysmic crisis. Yet, in 2010, the same company has been hit with an allegation that it ignored consumer complaints that its pills smell “musty”. According to the FDA, the company disregarded consumer complaints about the funny smell. It took more than five months and and FDA investigation for the company to respond to the allegations.
What happened in the intervening years for such a collapse to occur? Perhaps, complacency or the perception of a lack of federal oversight led Johnson & Johnson to delay action on an important consumer complaint. The FDA is saying the problem is systemic within the company. One would think the huge pharmaceutical company would jump on such a potential health safety nightmare.