Largest Beef Recall Ever

The US Department of Agriculture has just announced the largest beef recall in the nation’s history. 143 million pounds of frozen beef has been recalled. The beef recall stems from beef manufactured at Chino, a California-based Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. The recall affects all beef dating back to February 1, 2006. The California company has provided beef to school lunch programs. According to the USDA, the company violated health regulations when it failed to contact veterinarians when cattle became non-ambulatory after passing inspection.
Westland has been under investigation for animal abuse after a Human Society video captured employees kicking, shoving, and shocking cattle too sick or crippled to enter the slaughterhouse. While Westland has not faced charges yet an investigation is ongoing. Two former employees were charged Friday. Five felony counts of animal cruelty and three misdemeanors were filed against a pen manager. Three misdemeanor counts — illegal movement of a non-ambulatory animal — were filed against an employee who worked under that manager. Both were fired.
Officials at the USDA estimate that 37 million pounds of beef have been transported to schools.
Sick or non-ambulatory cattle are deemed not appropriate for human consumption because they are more susceptible to mad cow, salmonella, and E. coli since the sick cattle tend to wallow in fecal matter.