Man Arrested for Masturbating on a Plane-He’s a Priest

Daniel Drinan, a 63-year-old Southwest Airlines passenger on a flight from Washington to Denver has been arrested and charged with obscene and indecent exposure committed on an airplane. The arrest occurred on September 8, 2012 and media that reported the incident didn’t mention that Drinan is a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Austin. Although he doesn’t currently have a parish assignment, he is on the diocesan payroll. Given the outrageous nature of his pubic acts, it would come as no surprise if Drinan has done similar things in the past.
If Drinan doesn’t have an assignment as a priest because of past issues, the public has a right to know. Drinan is currently residing in Reno Nevada even though he is a priest of the Diocese of Austin. Living so far from his home diocese, Drinan would be under very little if any supervision. If he has a history of such behavior, people have been hurt and Drinan may indeed be a menace to society. It’s time the Bishop of Austin set the record straight.