Melamine Hits the United States

The FDA has found trace amount of melamine in baby formula. This marks the first time that melamine has been found in baby formula in the United States. Earlier this year, tens of thousands of Chinese babies were sickened when much higher levels of melamine were found in their formula. At least four babies died as a result of the melamine contamination. The problem in China concerned someone adding melamine to the baby formula in order to artificially increase protein levels in the product. As a result, many babies suffered kidney stones or kidney failure.
The FDA said melamine was found in Mead Johnson’s Infant Formula Powder, Enfamil LIPIL with Iron, and a byproduct, cyanuric acid, was found in Nestl√©’s Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron. The companies were first identified by the Associated Press.
Melamine is a chemical used in the production of housewares and other durable products.and has no business being added to any food stuff. It is made of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen. When ingested into the body, melamine can cause kidney stones as well as renal failure.