New Ecoli Beef Recall

Beef has been recalled from stores due to findings of the E. coli bacteria present in beef sold at Whole Foods Market. Unlike the tomato contamination scare earlier this summer, the source this time appears to be known. Whole Foods supplier, Coleman Natural Beef, whose meat is processed by Nebraska Beef Ltd., which was also involved in the Kroger contamination, is the likely culprit in the beef E.coli contamination. Thus far, seven people in Massachusetts have fallen ill after eating the contaminated beef. There appear to be two more victims of E.coli linked to this beef in Pennsylvania. E.coli contamination can cause bloody diarrhea, dehydration, and in the worst cases kidney failure and death. Those who’ve been sickened by the tainted beef may be higher than the ones reported since not all E.coli victims report the sickness to a health official.
This particular recall involves beef sold between June 2nd and August 6th.