NY Child Victim Act-Let’s Send a Message

Today may be the day that the NY State Legislature finally votes on the Child Victim Act-a measure sponsored by Rep. Margaret Markey. The bill, if passed, would allow the victims of childhood sexual abuse to seek justice from the predators and the institutions that covered up for them. In spite of the aggressive protestations of the NY State Catholic Conference, there’s no reason for the bill to fail. The necessary compromises such as adding public institutions to the measure have been made. The only argument left in the Catholic Church arsenal is tired and worn-out. “It’ll cost a lot of money.”
But what about the children whose lives have turned into a hellish nightmare as a result of the abuse. What about the adults who still live with these gaping wounds inflicted on them when they were innocent children.
It’s time NY state sends a message: We’re not Ireland. We’ll deal with criminal behavior in a court of law. We’ll allow those victimized by the wrongful actions of authorities and institutions to be held accountable in a court of law. It’s time to deal with this!