Ortho Evra Dangers

The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has petitioned the FDA to remove Ortho Evra from the marketplace. Controversy surrounding the birth control patch has escalated since a 2005 found that women using Ortho Evra were more susceptible to life threatening blood clots than those using the birth control pill. The FDA has updated Ortho Evra’s label with warnings in 2005, 2006, and earlier this year.
Some studies have found that Ortho Evra is twice as likely than the pill to cause dangerous blood clots because patients absorb 60% more estrogen with the patch. Additionally, the patch has not proven to be any more effective than the pill in birth control. Ortho Evra lawsuits have found studies that show the manufacturer of Ortho Evra, Johnson & Johnson researchers that found the higher estrogen levels associated with the patch prior to its approval in 2001. Now, Public Citizen is asking the government to ban the drug due to its safety concerns and its ineffectiveness.