Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, Florida ranks as one of the worst states in the nation regarding pedestrian safety. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida ranks second only to California in the number of pedestrian fatalities in the nation. Such accident deaths comprise 15.2% of all Florida traffic fatalities. According to the state agency, some of the reasons for Florida’s abysmal rankings stem from its rapid growth as well as its primarily post World War II expansion and urban sprawl. Another factor not mentioned by the agency would seem to be the high senior citizen population residing in the state. Roads designed in the 1950’s can not possibly accomodate the dense population and rapid growth we’ve seen in the past two decades. All of these factors account for greater pedestrian danger and higher fatality rates for Florida pedestrians. In light of this year’s state budget crunch, the situation does not appear to be improving any time soon.
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