Philly Grand Jury Report Heartbreaking for Victims

The recently released 422 page Grand Jury report from Philadelphia is a damning condemnation of how the Catholic Church in Philadelphia has used its power and influence over many decades to cover up and excuse horrific child sexual abuse. The report lays out in graphic detail the heinous crimes of priests who continued to abuse children in their care. Probably the most important part of the report is the prosecutor’s call for a change in the local statute of limitations so that these crimes can be prosecuted and victims receive their day in court and some semblance of justice.
The manner in which the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has responded to the report and its treatment of victims make it difficult for new victims to come forward. Very often, they feel guily and marginalized by their own church. The real heroes in this tragedy are the victims who have courageously stepped out of the darkness and told their story.