Pope Benedict and Sex Abuse

Safely esconced on his Alitalia jet bound for the United States, Pope Benedict XVI told reporters of his shame concerning the priest abuse. In discussing the abuse, the pontiff feigned disbelief over how such a tragedy could have occurred in his church.
Of course, Benedict, in making his brief remarks, hoped to placate the thousands of abuse victims and their advocates. He’d throw them a token apology or explanation and be done with the whole business. But, when lives have been destroyed action is required not mere words. Yet this pope, like his predecessor, is unwilling to act. Benedict appears to be above it all as if he’s flying over a Hurricane Katrina surveying the damage. In reality, Benedict was Pope John Paul’s chief lieutenant and had inside knowlege of what was transpiring with Boston and Cardinal Law. He knew about Cardinal Mahony and his shenanigans. It’ll be hard for him to stay “above it all” with his kind of knowlege.