Pope Speaks Out on Behalf of Economcially Poor

In light of the recent G-20 meeting in London, Pope Benedict XVI has called upon the world leaders to remember the poor when devising plans to aid the world economic situation. This is a laudable act considering a great many peoples still live below the poverty line.
However, poverty transcends the mere economic. Many live in poverty due to a lack of education, healthcare, and justice. In terms of the latter, many in this country are poor because they lack access to justice. I’m thinking in particular those who are poor because they lack access justice after they’ve experienced sexual abuse. This is a paralyzing poverty that often spills over into the educational, health, and economic spheres of life. Those who’ve been sexually abused and lack the proper recourse in a system of justice continue to suffer. The pope should’ve included those in his remarks as well. Very often, sexual abuse victims who’ve been abused by clergy are robbed of their relationship with God, a faith community, and their own human family. This is a justice issue and a life issue just as important as any other justice or life issues. When will we hear the church speak about that?