Raytheon Says It Will Take 78 Years to Clean Up Toxic Plume in St. Petersburg

That’s not a typo. Raytheon’s consultant Arcadis estimates that it will take 78 years for the defense contractor to clean up the toxic mess it caused in St. Petersburg’s Azalea neighborhood. 78 years is generational damage. This is simply not acceptable. If Raytheon expects to be regarded as a good corporate citizen it can’t expect the good people of St. Petersburg’s Azalea neighborhood to sit idly by and accept their consultant’s conclusion that it will take 78 years to clean up this mess.
Of course, as Mark Douglas, the Channel 8 reporter who first broke the story points out, the Raytheon mess would still be a secret if the news channel hadn’t uncovered the problem in the first place. This is an outrageous situation in which a large corporation is allowed to operation with impunity while innocent citizens suffer the consequences of their behavior.