Raytheon Tests Wells as Plume Concern Grows in St. Pete Neighborhood

Raytheon has inspected wells in the Azalea neighborhood and plans to do more testing in the wake of class action lawsuits and a report due to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on May 31. In spite of Raytheon’s continued insistence that there is no danger to human health as a result of the toxic plume, the DEP has contacted six residents in the Azalea neighborhood and advised them against using their irrigation wells until after the DEP reviews Raytheon’s findings at the end of the month.
In the meantime, our class action lawsuit investigation into Raytheon’s toxic spill and subsequent neglect will continue. Besides the obvious health concern, many residents affected by the Raytheon groundwater contamination are worried about plummeting property values and the stigma associated with living in or next to toxic waste caused by Raytheon.