Raytheon Toxic Waste Found in Creek Class Action Lawsuit

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has found toxic waste in a creek near the Raytheon property in St. Petersburg. The toxin found, 1,4-dioxane, is one of the toxins discovered in the plume of underground contamination in the Azalea neighborhood. This is the first finding of groundwater contamination related to the toxic waste associated with the Raytheon site. However, this groundwater contamination has no known connection to the previously discovered contamination in the underground aquifer. The DEP has asked Raytheon to investigate in order to determine the source of the contamination.
This new finding will surely be a topic of much discussion this evening when the DEP and Raytheon hold a public meeting to discuss the problem. The DEP has told Raytheon to sink test wells near Azalea Elementary School. Officials at the school have been notified and have been instructed to inform parents of the issue.