Raytheon Toxic Waste Plume Contamination In St Petersburg Florida Ground Water Pollution Class Action Lawsuit

The three chemicals found to be in a plume running underground in the Azalea neighborhood of St. Petersburg are toxic and may pose serious health risks to those exposed to the toxins.
Vinyl chloride, 1,4-dioxane, and TCE (Trichloroethylene) are all considered hazardous to human health. Under certain circumstances, exposure to such chemicals can be fatal.

Raytheon’s St. Petersburg plant, located at 1501 72nd St. North, inherited the toxic chemical problem from the plant’s former owner E Systems. E Systems has said that it notified local residents of the problem in 1999 but according to a report released this week, the hazard has spread into the Azalea neighborhood, a half mile from the Raytheon plant.
Both Raytheon and the DEP have said that there is no cause for alarm since the groundwater is not used for drinking. The residents in the Azalea neighborhood obtain their drinking water from the city of St. Petersburg.
Yet, many Azalea residents have their own private irrigation wells which may be a source of exposure according to University of South Florida professor Jeffrey Cunningham who specializes in soil and ground water contamination cleanup. Cunningham told WFLA that,
“People who have their own irrigation well who are pulling up water to water their lawns – that’s when there becomes a health risk because there’s a route by which people might become exposed by those hazardous chemicals in the groundwater.”
One of the wells tested in the neighborhood showed samples of dioxane at 30 times the level that is considered safe. According to Professor Cunningham, the fact that Raytheon’s wells yielded high levels of the three toxins shows there may be a health hazard.
“If that plume is there, it certainly appears to me there’s a significant hazard,” Cunningham stated.

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