Rev. Donald McGuire Granted Bail, Kicked Out of Jesuits

Father Donald McGuire had a mixed day yesterday. He was granted bail and allowed to live at home under the supervision of two friends as long as he wears an electronic monitor. That was the good news for him. The bad news arrived when he was informed that he had been dismissed from the Jesuit Order. Now, he was not dismissed from the priesthood, just the Jesuits. He still remains a priest unless or until the Vatican decides to commence laicization procedures against him. Laicization is an internal church process whereby a priest is “reduced” (that’s the language the church actually uses!) to the lay state ie. he’s essentially no longer able to function as a priest. Laicization takes place in the context of a church trial and is considered a penalty. There are two types: voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary laicization occurs when a priest is accused of behavior such as sex abuse of a minor. Unlike other priest abusers, McGuire was convicted of molesting a boy and now faces a federal charge related to the abuse.